Visa Credit Card

Visa Credit Card

Everyone knows having a credit card offers the flexibility to pay off important purchases. But that’s not the only benefit. Our Visa® credit cards also offer rewards options, so you can get more bang for your buck.

Sign up for the free service Verified by Visa to protect online purchases. For easy online account management, use EZ Card Info to access account information and make payments. Open your credit card today!


Visa Platinum Preferred Card

With no annual fee, no cash advance fees, and a low 10.90% fixed APR on the unpaid balance, a Frontier Financial Credit Union VISA Platinum Preferred Card is one of the best bargains in the business.

Visa Platinum Plus Card

VISA Platinum Plus Card has a variable rate of Prime + 6.00%!  No cash advance fees!

Visa Platinum Advantage Card

Frontier Financial Credit Union's VISA Platinum Advantage Card has a variable rate of Prime + 10.00%!

ScoreCard Rewards

Your cable bill is due, the car needs an oil change, and it's your niece's birthday — use your ScoreCard Rewards! With this card, you can make routine purchases and watch the rewards roll in.

For every qualifying purchase made using your ScoreCard Rewards card, you earn valuable Bonus Points that may be redeemed for brand-name merchandise and exciting travel. So go ahead — reward yourself!


  • Earn rewards on qualifying purchases
  • Redeem rewards for gifts or travel
  • Online ordering and travel booking available 24/7
  • To view all redemption options, log in online at